• The 3000 is suited for experienced swimmers comfortable with swimming long distance;
  • It is the same swim as for the Double Olympic event at TriAthy;
  • The 3000 starts and finishes at the same location at the ramp/jetty close to the Courthouse at Athy;
  • To start, swimmers face upstream and swim against the current for the first 900m to the first marker;
  • After the first u-turn at 900m, swimmers then face a 600m downstream section before the second marker;
  • After the second u-turn at 1,500m, swimmers return upstream for 600m before rounding the final marker.
  • After the third u-turn at 2,100m, swimmers complete the swim with a final 900m downstream.
  • Swimmers go by White Castle, and thread one of the eyes of Crom-a-boo bridge before finishing at the jetty.
  • Please note that wetsuits are mandatory for this swim.

Did you know?

  • The River Barrow is Ireland's second longest River and only becomes navigable for boats from Athy onwards.
  • At Athy, it is generally shallow during May with water temperatures in the region of 13 degrees.